Our 5-Step Process

Step One: SMSF Audit Document Requirement Guide
We provide you with a guide that lists and explains all the documents required for the SMSF audit.

Step Two: Engagement and Trustee Representation letters
We will issue an SMSF audit engagement letter for signature by the Trustees, and require a trustee representation letter signed by the Trustees.

Step Three: Commence SMSF audit
Once step two is completed, we commence your comprehensive SMSF audit.

Step Four: Update on required information
Throughout the course of the SMSF audit, we keep in contact with you and advise you if any additional documents or information is required.

Step Five: SMSF Audit Report pack
At the completion of the audit, we will send you a complete SMSF Audit Report pack, detailing everything you need to know. Audit My Fund is value-conscious and seeks to offer the most competitive fees. Our fees are fixed up front, so there are no costly surprises, and we are always striving to minimise the cost of our services, without compromising on quality.