Monthly Archives: June 2013

SMSF Auditor registration

Under new rules from 1 July 2013, SMSF Auditor registration is mandatory if you are to audit self managed super funds.

Bernadette Pitcher was registered on 14 June 2013. SMSF Auditor number 100196629

SMSF Audits-Paperless?

At Audit My Fund, we are paperless. Accountants generally scan and email documentation for the audit or use Drop Box.

This works well as the the accountant and the auditor both have a record of all documents and we never have to deal with misplaced paperwork.

SMSF Audits for 2013

SMSF audits for 2013 are coming up.

Technology should be making it easier to process the accounting work for super funds. Downloads directly from the banks to the software and online documentation should be assisting accountants.

Accountants can save themselves some possible headaches at audit time by contacting Trustees to ensure the minimum and maximum pension amounts have been followed before June 30.