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Time to start again. 2013 work ready to go!

It seems to come around quicker every year. 15 May is here and gone again and hardly time to take a deep breath in between.

How can we help make it easier?

Let us do some of the preliminary work earlier e.g. obtain title searches, bank confirmations where necessary,share registry confirmations. Any of this work can be performed before the accounting work is completed.

Let Audit My Fund ease the pressure. Call us today on 03 93865810

That time of the year again for SMSF audits

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Here we are in May and the due date for lodging Super Funds is looming.

I often ask myself “what can we do to help accountants avoid the bottle neck”. I have also asked accountants the same question  but so far no one has really come up with a solution.

Is it that accountants are constantly under so much pressure that everything just gets pushed back until it can’t get pushed back any more. It has to get better than this because, before you know it, we are back at July 1 and we all start over again.

As an auditor and formerly in Practice for many years, I know how stressful it is, and therefore and am more than willing to assist if there is anything I can do.

Even if the accounting work is not finished, we could be verifying some assets to start the process.

Auditing super funds holding term deposits

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We are given paperwork for term deposits and often the paperwork is dated well before the end of the financial year. There is no way of knowing if the term deposit is still in existence. If the term deposit has matured and been paid out, we should see proof of that event. If the term deposit is still in existence we will need to verify that by way of bank confirmation.